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> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Has this been resolved?

> AFAIK everything is fixed.  I put in Shinji's changes and some more of
> my own.  I did port testing on HP 11.11 and 11.23 a month or so ago and
> found that we could build and pass regression on both gcc and vendor
> cc on both platforms.

  As long as GNU ld is not installed and GNU gcc is used, the current
  CVS head has two problems:

  #1) ld: Mismatched Data ABI

  In the LP64 data model, libpq.so creation fails because "-mlp64" is
  missing in the back singlequote.

    /usr/ccs/bin/ld +h libpq.so.3 -b +b /usr/local/pgsql/lib ..(snip)..
    -L../../../src/port -lnsl  `gcc -print-libgcc-file-name`  -o

    ld: Mismatched Data ABI. Expected EF_IA_64_ABI64 but found None in file
    Fatal error.

  #2) Two regresstion tests fail

  create_function_1 and triggers tests fail because refint.so has
  unresolved external symbol "__divdi3".


Shinji Teragaito
Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.

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