Dear Tom,

Improving the performance would require to fix the install script so that
it can handle more than one argument at once, and/or use a more or less
standard "install" program when available.

We used to try to use the "standard" install program when available. After sufficient bitter experience, we concluded that "standard" and "install" are not words that should be used together.

Ok. I trust you on that;-)

Thus the only performance improvement I can see is to change the "install" script, for instance by considering the multi-argument apache version as a candidate replacement.

This might require also to fix makefiles install target to take advantage of the fact.

Also, it might require to deal with "extensions" of the postgres script somehow, if it has any such things.

I might look into it as I'm somehow responsible for the "install-all-headers" new default, but I don't have much time
right now.

Have a nice day,

Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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