Magnus Hagander wrote:
> It seems pg_ctl calls canonicalize_path() only on the path as being used
> to access for example the pid file, and not the path that is sent along
> to the postmaster.
> Specifically, this causes failure on win32 when a path is passed with a
> trailing backslash, when it's inside quotes such as:
> pg_ctl start -D "c:\program fiels\postgresql\data\"
> The quotes are of course necessary since there are spaces in the
> filename. In my specific case the trailing backslash is automatically
> added by windows installer. but other cases when the backslash is added
> can easily be seen...
> Attached patch makes pg_ctl call canonicalize_path() on the path as
> passed on the commandline as well. 
> I have only tested this on win32, where it appears to work fine. I think
> it would be good on other platsforms as well which is why I didn't
> #ifdef it. If not, then please add #ifdefs.

Uh, isn't the proper fix to fix the postmaster's handling of -D paths?

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