>>>I have just seen this failure on Windows - it appears to 
>have nothing to 
>>>do there with finding an out of date libpq.
>>Actually, *any* failure in pg_regress's first attempt to invoke psql
>>yields this message.  I tweaked the script yesterday to not suppress
>>stderr; do you have that update yet?
>Yes, but on Windows it doesn't give anything on stderr, it gives me a 
>nasty popup with no useful info I can see, and wants to send 
>info off to 

That's just the lovely way windows handles a "segfault". Gotta be really
interesting for MS to catch all those dumps...

Anyway. Oops. Seems I ran my regression tests with the old psql, and
just managed to update the backend, when I tested that patch. Turns out
there are codepaths where we'd access the Critical Section before it was
initialized. Attached patch breaks the initializeation off to a separate
part and adds that one to a much earlier position in the program.

I've verified with Andrew that this fixes his problem.


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