> > Just one question about the actual implementation of the 
> patch - why 
> > are you setting the OS version *before* you call GetVersionEx()?
> The Microsoft Example did a memset on the structure before 
> calling void GetVersionEx().

The docs only say you have tos et the dwOSVersionInfoSize member before
you call it, no need to memset.

> Setting it to a version that needs the Global\ is only a 
> safeguard against a failing call. I guess the call cannot 
> fail, and thus setting it before is not really needed.

The call will return FALSE when it fails, and this should probably be
checked - missed that. It is *not* a void function, it is a BOOL
It can fail. For example, if you pass it a size that is not supported by
the OS you are on (say a OSVERSIONINFOEX structure on a pre-sp6 NT4). I
don't think it can fail for other reasons than that, but I'm not sure.
It should probably be checked..



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