Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > From a public relations perspective and a code reuse perspective I think
> > we should create temporary tables securely.  The attached applied patch
> > fixes contrib/findoidjoins/make_oidjoins_check.
> ... and creates issues of its own, such as attempting an rm -rf on
> something that it shouldn't.  At the very least don't install the trap
> until after creating the directory successfully.

OK, moved.

> I really think this is a waste of time though.  The current code creates
> the temp files in the current directory, and if the bad guy has write
> access on that directory you are already screwed (for instance, what's
> to stop him from altering the script file itself to do anything at all
> when you run it?).  I do not think that putting stuff back into /tmp is
> an improvement; that just adds risks where none exist now.

My method is secure, and I think we do have to handle this in a way that
addresses the security concerns.  It is easy to say no one would run
this under normal use but that isn't really a safe answer for the
security folks, I think.

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