Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Yet another fix for a useless compile warning. This one is slightly
> ugly ;-(

First of all, ugly code needs to be documented in the code.

Then, the diff

+ #ifdef INT64_IS_BUSTED
        if (th->fileLen > MAX_TAR_MEMBER_FILELEN)
+ #else
+       if (((int64) th->fileLen -1) >= MAX_TAR_MEMBER_FILELEN)
+ #endif

seems to imply that the current code corresponds to INT64_IS_BUSTED, 
which obviously defies reason.

I remember when I wrote that code I consciously let the compile warning 
stand for platforms with busted int64 because it became too confusing 
to fix.  Maybe you can clear that up for us. :)

Peter Eisentraut

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