People seem to get confused about just what the TODO list is, this patch gives 
a more verbose explanation of how it works. 

Robert Treat
Build A Brighter Lamp :: Linux Apache {middleware} PostgreSQL
Index: TODO
RCS file: /projects/cvsroot/pgsql/doc/TODO,v
retrieving revision 1.1400
diff -r1.1400 TODO
< #A hyphen (-) marks changes that will appear in the upcoming 8.1 release.#
< Bracketed items "[]" have more detail.
> This is a list of items that the major developers of PostgreSQL have agreed need to be addressed. An items appearance on this list does not mean it is being actively developed; look for items with a name following them to see items that have been claimed for active development, otherwise please post a message to the pgsql-hackers mailing list if you are interested in contributing code for a specific item. If an item has brackets "[]", there is more detail available, so be sure to read that before posting. Finally, items with a hyphen (-) mark changes that have completed and will appear in the 8.1 release. 
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