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Since nobody did :-), here is the patch to fix pgwin32_is_service() to use dynamic buffers.
Fred - this applies to current cvs. There has been some error msg cleanups since beta4, so I'm not sure it'll apply cleanly to that one.
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From: Magnus Hagander
Sent: den 13 november 2004 23:56
To: Fred Pederndong; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Subject: Re: [PORTS] Windows XP could not get token information: 122

This is clearly a case of oversight in my fix of token buffers in src/backend/port/win32/security.c.
pgwin32_is_admin() correctly uses a dynamic buffer. pgwin32_is_service() does not.
I'll code up a patch for this tomorrow, unless beaten to it. If you want to do it yourself, just copy the logic from is_admin to is_service. note that there are two calls to gettokeninformation in is_service - both need dynamic buffers.
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From: Fred Pederndong [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: den 9 november 2004 21:33
Subject: [PORTS] Windows XP could not get token information: 122

I built postgreSQL 8.0 beta 4 from scratch on Windows XP SP1 using minGW/MSYS and encountered the following error when attempting to run the resulting executable:
could not get token information: 122
I appreciate any help...
Fred J.

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