This patch makes the pgcrypto Makefile check that a recognized random
source has been defined. If no such source is defined, pgcrypto will
compile successfully but will be unusable.

(An alternative place to do the check would be in random.c; comments on
which location is preferrable are welcome.)

Barring any objections I will apply this to HEAD later tonight.


# patch "contrib/pgcrypto/Makefile"
#  from [c549a19bc0a0ff6582bb02e37d2db011c1e0cf01]
#    to [709404895862b1734a4c1af7ca0f9fb423097c0a]
--- contrib/pgcrypto/Makefile
+++ contrib/pgcrypto/Makefile
@@ -48,13 +48,17 @@
 ifeq ($(random), dev)
 CRYPTO_CFLAGS += -DRAND_DEV=$(random_dev)
 ifeq ($(random), openssl)
 ifeq ($(random), silly)
+$(error "Unrecognized random source: $(random)")
 SRCS		+= pgcrypto.c px.c px-hmac.c px-crypt.c misc.c \
 			crypt-gensalt.c random.c
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