>> From what I can tell, this XSL will download and import another XSL
>> from docbook.sourceforge.net every time you run "make" on it.
>Normally, you or your operating system should set up an XML catalog
>that maps that URI to a local copy.  For example, my system has

Hmm. Never seen that in any of the XSL systems I've used. There is
certainly no such system in the XSLT processors that are included in
Windows these days. But since those aren't used to build the docs,
that's not a good reference point I guess. If there is a standard way to
do it, there is less need to include anything in our cvs. IIRC, we don't
include the docbook stylesheets either, right?

Which brings up a different point - has anybody managed to set up a
system to build the docs *on win32*?


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