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Alvaro Herrera schrieb am 30.11.2004 17:38:

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 02:05:31AM +0100, Roland Volkmann wrote:

this is the first time, I use CVS (TortoisCVS), so I hope the result is what you were missing:

You have to include the new files separately. And please send context
diffs, not unified diffs.

sorry, but I can't find any option for changing patch style in TortoiseCVS. And the patches of other developers look similar to me.

The new files were attached as ZIP-file to my mail on 02.11.2004. Please find these files again attached to this mail:

Index: src/backend/utils/mb/conversion_procs/utf8_and_win1252/utf8_and_win1252.c
Index: src/backend/utils/mb/conversion_procs/utf8_and_win1252/Makefile
Index: src/backend/utils/mb/Unicode/utf8_to_win1252.map
Index: src/backend/utils/mb/Unicode/win1252_to_utf8.map
++ new files

Also there's a typo here:

thank you, you're right. And here is the corrected patch which shoult replace the earlier faulty one:

Index: src/backend/utils/mb/encnames.c
RCS file: Y:\CVS_Repositories\postgres.org/postgresql-8.0.0beta5/src/backend/utils/mb/encnames.c,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 encnames.c
--- src/backend/utils/mb/encnames.c 30 Nov 2004 23:42:16 -0000 1.1
+++ src/backend/utils/mb/encnames.c 30 Nov 2004 23:56:27 -0000
@@ -194,6 +194,9 @@
"win1251", PG_WIN1251
}, /* alias for Windows-1251 */
+ "win1252", PG_WIN1252
+ }, /* alias for Windows-1252 */
+ {
"win1256", PG_WIN1256
}, /* alias for Windows-1256 */
@@ -221,6 +224,9 @@
"windows1251", PG_WIN1251
}, /* Windows-1251; Microsoft */
+ "windows1252", PG_WIN1252
+ }, /* Windows-1251; Microsoft */
+ {
"windows1256", PG_WIN1256
}, /* Windows-1256; Microsoft */
@@ -342,6 +348,9 @@
"WIN1250", PG_WIN1250
+ },
+ {
+ "WIN1252", PG_WIN1252


With best regards,


# $PostgreSQL: 
pgsql/src/backend/utils/mb/conversion_procs/utf8_and_win1252/Makefile,v 1.3 
2004/10/31 22:40:41 pgsql Exp $
subdir = src/backend/utils/mb/conversion_procs/utf8_and_win1252
top_builddir = ../../../../../..
include $(top_builddir)/src/Makefile.global

NAME            := utf8_and_win1252

include $(srcdir)/../proc.mk
 *        WIN1252 and UTF-8
 * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2004, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
 * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
 *        $PostgreSQL: 
 1.8 2004/10/31 04:12:59 momjian Exp $

#include "postgres.h"
#include "fmgr.h"
#include "mb/pg_wchar.h"
#include "../../Unicode/utf8_to_win1252.map"
#include "../../Unicode/win1252_to_utf8.map"


extern Datum utf_to_win1252(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);
extern Datum win1252_to_utf(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS);

/* ----------
 * conv_proc(
 *              INTEGER,        -- source encoding id
 *              INTEGER,        -- destination encoding id
 *              CSTRING,        -- source string (null terminated C string)
 *              CSTRING,        -- destination string (null terminated C string)
 *              INTEGER         -- source string length
 * ) returns VOID;
 * ----------

        unsigned char *src = PG_GETARG_CSTRING(2);
        unsigned char *dest = PG_GETARG_CSTRING(3);
        int                     len = PG_GETARG_INT32(4);

        Assert(PG_GETARG_INT32(0) == PG_UTF8);
        Assert(PG_GETARG_INT32(1) == PG_WIN1252);
        Assert(len >= 0);

        UtfToLocal(src, dest, ULmapWIN1252,
                           sizeof(ULmapWIN1252) / sizeof(pg_utf_to_local), len);


        unsigned char *src = PG_GETARG_CSTRING(2);
        unsigned char *dest = PG_GETARG_CSTRING(3);
        int                     len = PG_GETARG_INT32(4);

        Assert(PG_GETARG_INT32(0) == PG_WIN1252);
        Assert(PG_GETARG_INT32(1) == PG_UTF8);
        Assert(len >= 0);

        LocalToUtf(src, dest, LUmapWIN1252,
                sizeof(LUmapWIN1252) / sizeof(pg_local_to_utf), PG_WIN1252, 

static pg_utf_to_local ULmapWIN1252[ 124 ] = {
  {0x0000, 0x0081},
  {0xc2a0, 0x00a0},
  {0xc2a1, 0x00a1},
  {0xc2a2, 0x00a2},
  {0xc2a3, 0x00a3},
  {0xc2a4, 0x00a4},
  {0xc2a5, 0x00a5},
  {0xc2a6, 0x00a6},
  {0xc2a7, 0x00a7},
  {0xc2a8, 0x00a8},
  {0xc2a9, 0x00a9},
  {0xc2aa, 0x00aa},
  {0xc2ab, 0x00ab},
  {0xc2ac, 0x00ac},
  {0xc2ad, 0x00ad},
  {0xc2ae, 0x00ae},
  {0xc2af, 0x00af},
  {0xc2b0, 0x00b0},
  {0xc2b1, 0x00b1},
  {0xc2b2, 0x00b2},
  {0xc2b3, 0x00b3},
  {0xc2b4, 0x00b4},
  {0xc2b5, 0x00b5},
  {0xc2b6, 0x00b6},
  {0xc2b7, 0x00b7},
  {0xc2b8, 0x00b8},
  {0xc2b9, 0x00b9},
  {0xc2ba, 0x00ba},
  {0xc2bb, 0x00bb},
  {0xc2bc, 0x00bc},
  {0xc2bd, 0x00bd},
  {0xc2be, 0x00be},
  {0xc2bf, 0x00bf},
  {0xc380, 0x00c0},
  {0xc381, 0x00c1},
  {0xc382, 0x00c2},
  {0xc383, 0x00c3},
  {0xc384, 0x00c4},
  {0xc385, 0x00c5},
  {0xc386, 0x00c6},
  {0xc387, 0x00c7},
  {0xc388, 0x00c8},
  {0xc389, 0x00c9},
  {0xc38a, 0x00ca},
  {0xc38b, 0x00cb},
  {0xc38c, 0x00cc},
  {0xc38d, 0x00cd},
  {0xc38e, 0x00ce},
  {0xc38f, 0x00cf},
  {0xc390, 0x00d0},
  {0xc391, 0x00d1},
  {0xc392, 0x00d2},
  {0xc393, 0x00d3},
  {0xc394, 0x00d4},
  {0xc395, 0x00d5},
  {0xc396, 0x00d6},
  {0xc397, 0x00d7},
  {0xc398, 0x00d8},
  {0xc399, 0x00d9},
  {0xc39a, 0x00da},
  {0xc39b, 0x00db},
  {0xc39c, 0x00dc},
  {0xc39d, 0x00dd},
  {0xc39e, 0x00de},
  {0xc39f, 0x00df},
  {0xc3a0, 0x00e0},
  {0xc3a1, 0x00e1},
  {0xc3a2, 0x00e2},
  {0xc3a3, 0x00e3},
  {0xc3a4, 0x00e4},
  {0xc3a5, 0x00e5},
  {0xc3a6, 0x00e6},
  {0xc3a7, 0x00e7},
  {0xc3a8, 0x00e8},
  {0xc3a9, 0x00e9},
  {0xc3aa, 0x00ea},
  {0xc3ab, 0x00eb},
  {0xc3ac, 0x00ec},
  {0xc3ad, 0x00ed},
  {0xc3ae, 0x00ee},
  {0xc3af, 0x00ef},
  {0xc3b0, 0x00f0},
  {0xc3b1, 0x00f1},
  {0xc3b2, 0x00f2},
  {0xc3b3, 0x00f3},
  {0xc3b4, 0x00f4},
  {0xc3b5, 0x00f5},
  {0xc3b6, 0x00f6},
  {0xc3b7, 0x00f7},
  {0xc3b8, 0x00f8},
  {0xc3b9, 0x00f9},
  {0xc3ba, 0x00fa},
  {0xc3bb, 0x00fb},
  {0xc3bc, 0x00fc},
  {0xc3bd, 0x00fd},
  {0xc3be, 0x00fe},
  {0xc3bf, 0x00ff},
  {0xc592, 0x008c},
  {0xc593, 0x009c},
  {0xc5a0, 0x008a},
  {0xc5a1, 0x009a},
  {0xc5b8, 0x009f},
  {0xc5bd, 0x008e},
  {0xc5be, 0x009e},
  {0xc692, 0x0083},
  {0xcb86, 0x0088},
  {0xcb9c, 0x0098},
  {0xe28093, 0x0096},
  {0xe28094, 0x0097},
  {0xe28098, 0x0091},
  {0xe28099, 0x0092},
  {0xe2809a, 0x0082},
  {0xe2809c, 0x0093},
  {0xe2809d, 0x0094},
  {0xe2809e, 0x0084},
  {0xe280a0, 0x0086},
  {0xe280a1, 0x0087},
  {0xe280a2, 0x0095},
  {0xe280a6, 0x0085},
  {0xe280b0, 0x0089},
  {0xe280b9, 0x008b},
  {0xe280ba, 0x009b},
  {0xe282ac, 0x0080},
  {0xe284a2, 0x0099}
static pg_local_to_utf LUmapWIN1250[ 128 ] = {
  {0x0080, 0xe282ac},
  {0x0081, 0x0000},
  {0x0082, 0xe2809a},
  {0x0083, 0xc692},
  {0x0084, 0xe2809e},
  {0x0085, 0xe280a6},
  {0x0086, 0xe280a0},
  {0x0087, 0xe280a1},
  {0x0088, 0xcb86},
  {0x0089, 0xe280b0},
  {0x008a, 0xc5a0},
  {0x008b, 0xe280b9},
  {0x008c, 0xc592},
  {0x008d, 0x0000},
  {0x008e, 0xc5bd},
  {0x008f, 0x0000},
  {0x0090, 0x0000},
  {0x0091, 0xe28098},
  {0x0092, 0xe28099},
  {0x0093, 0xe2809c},
  {0x0094, 0xe2809d},
  {0x0095, 0xe280a2},
  {0x0096, 0xe28093},
  {0x0097, 0xe28094},
  {0x0098, 0xcb9c},
  {0x0099, 0xe284a2},
  {0x009a, 0xc5a1},
  {0x009b, 0xe280ba},
  {0x009c, 0xc593},
  {0x009d, 0x0000},
  {0x009e, 0xc5be},
  {0x009f, 0xc5b8},
  {0x00a0, 0xc2a0},
  {0x00a1, 0xc2a1},
  {0x00a2, 0xc2a2},
  {0x00a3, 0xc2a3},
  {0x00a4, 0xc2a4},
  {0x00a5, 0xc2a5},
  {0x00a6, 0xc2a6},
  {0x00a7, 0xc2a7},
  {0x00a8, 0xc2a8},
  {0x00a9, 0xc2a9},
  {0x00aa, 0xc2aa},
  {0x00ab, 0xc2ab},
  {0x00ac, 0xc2ac},
  {0x00ad, 0xc2ad},
  {0x00ae, 0xc2ae},
  {0x00af, 0xc2af},
  {0x00b0, 0xc2b0},
  {0x00b1, 0xc2b1},
  {0x00b2, 0xc2b2},
  {0x00b3, 0xc2b3},
  {0x00b4, 0xc2b4},
  {0x00b5, 0xc2b5},
  {0x00b6, 0xc2b6},
  {0x00b7, 0xc2b7},
  {0x00b8, 0xc2b8},
  {0x00b9, 0xc2b9},
  {0x00ba, 0xc2ba},
  {0x00bb, 0xc2bb},
  {0x00bc, 0xc2bc},
  {0x00bd, 0xc2bd},
  {0x00be, 0xc2be},
  {0x00bf, 0xc2bf},
  {0x00c0, 0xc380},
  {0x00c1, 0xc381},
  {0x00c2, 0xc382},
  {0x00c3, 0xc383},
  {0x00c4, 0xc384},
  {0x00c5, 0xc385},
  {0x00c6, 0xc386},
  {0x00c7, 0xc387},
  {0x00c8, 0xc388},
  {0x00c9, 0xc389},
  {0x00ca, 0xc38a},
  {0x00cb, 0xc38b},
  {0x00cc, 0xc38c},
  {0x00cd, 0xc38d},
  {0x00ce, 0xc38e},
  {0x00cf, 0xc38f},
  {0x00d0, 0xc390},
  {0x00d1, 0xc391},
  {0x00d2, 0xc392},
  {0x00d3, 0xc393},
  {0x00d4, 0xc394},
  {0x00d5, 0xc395},
  {0x00d6, 0xc396},
  {0x00d7, 0xc397},
  {0x00d8, 0xc398},
  {0x00d9, 0xc399},
  {0x00da, 0xc39a},
  {0x00db, 0xc39b},
  {0x00dc, 0xc39c},
  {0x00dd, 0xc39d},
  {0x00de, 0xc39e},
  {0x00df, 0xc39f},
  {0x00e0, 0xc3a0},
  {0x00e1, 0xc3a1},
  {0x00e2, 0xc3a2},
  {0x00e3, 0xc3a3},
  {0x00e4, 0xc3a4},
  {0x00e5, 0xc3a5},
  {0x00e6, 0xc3a6},
  {0x00e7, 0xc3a7},
  {0x00e8, 0xc3a8},
  {0x00e9, 0xc3a9},
  {0x00ea, 0xc3aa},
  {0x00eb, 0xc3ab},
  {0x00ec, 0xc3ac},
  {0x00ed, 0xc3ad},
  {0x00ee, 0xc3ae},
  {0x00ef, 0xc3af},
  {0x00f0, 0xc3b0},
  {0x00f1, 0xc3b1},
  {0x00f2, 0xc3b2},
  {0x00f3, 0xc3b3},
  {0x00f4, 0xc3b4},
  {0x00f5, 0xc3b5},
  {0x00f6, 0xc3b6},
  {0x00f7, 0xc3b7},
  {0x00f8, 0xc3b8},
  {0x00f9, 0xc3b9},
  {0x00fa, 0xc3ba},
  {0x00fb, 0xc3bb},
  {0x00fc, 0xc3bc},
  {0x00fd, 0xc3bd},
  {0x00fe, 0xc3be},
  {0x00ff, 0xc3bf}
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