Tom Lane wrote:

We haven't got one that will work from inside arbitrary functions ---
DefineSavepoint and friends don't get it done by themselves, but
expect you to call CommitTransactionCommand/StartTransactionCommand,
and those functions tend to pull the rug out from under the executor.
(I seem to recall trying to do it that way in the first attempt on
plpgsql, and running into all kinds of memory management issues.)

The existing PLs use BeginInternalSubTransaction,
ReleaseCurrentSubTransaction, RollbackAndReleaseCurrentSubTransaction,
but these are subset implementations only suited for
exception-block-structured code.

Thanks. I'll check that out and try to figure out how to use it.

What are the future plans? For me it would work really well with something like

Savepoint SPI_savepoint(const char* name);
void SPI_releaseSavepoint(Savepoint sp);
void SPI_rollbackSavepoint(Savepoint sp);

The Savepoint structure could then hold information about call level etc. needed to ensure proper behaviour when nesting.

Thomas Hallgren

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