Bruce Momjian said:
> Uh, what was the TODO here?  I forgot.

John wanted us to allow use of the 'locale' and 'utf8' pragmas in trusted
code. If there's a TODO it would be to investigate the possibility, as I am
very far from certain that there is a simple way to do it safely right now.
Maybe when we get plperl using GUC settings and running some interpreter
initialisation it could be done. These are things on my agenda.



> John Hansen wrote:
>> > I think it is *way* too late in the dev cycle to be proposing this.
>> > Maybe it should be a TODO item - I at least don't have time even to
>> > think about the implications os using these pragmas. The effect of
>> > the  first is achievable via an environment setting, I believe.
>> >
>> > If you need these badly enough, use plperlu where there are no
>> > restrictions to overcome - the big problem is that 'use anything'
>> > requires that we enable the 'require' op, and that is certainly not
>> > going to happen without a great deal of thought.
>> Fair enough, was just a suggestion as they seem obviously useful, even
>> to the non-superuser plperl programmer.
>> TODO item would suffice :)
>> ... John

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