Which is correct. Can someone please get this into the 8.X release
that way pgxs is usable for folks on the darwin platform? It doesn't
look like this is broken on other major OSes, but some of the oddball
platforms (BeOS, cygwin, and win32) don't seem to be correct either.
I've included a fixes for them in this patch, but can't promise they'll
work. At the very least what I'm supplying is more correct than what
they're using now.

I don't think so :-(. Didn't you just break building things on a machine where Postgres isn't already installed?

Wait, are you suggesting that pgxs is used pre-install? I sure hope not. If it is, what's the purpose of the internal Makefiles? Having pgxs used during the building of the main tree seems backwards++. I'd wager that the purpose of this in contrib was to accommodate modules being built independently of the source tree. If that's not the case, why carry this baggage around?

ifdef USE_PGXS
PGXS = $(shell pg_config --pgxs)
include $(PGXS)
subdir = contrib/pgcrypto
top_builddir = ../..
include $(top_builddir)/src/Makefile.global
include $(top_srcdir)/contrib/contrib-global.mk

# to make ws2_32.lib the last library (must occur after definition of PORTNAME)
ifeq ($(PORTNAME),win32)
SHLIB_LINK += -lwsock32 -lws2_32

If not, then we need two versions of pgxs, one referenced in the src tree, the other used for post-installation for module building. As things stand, pgxs is fantastically broken on darwin. :( -sc

Sean Chittenden

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