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David Kamholz wrote:
> Hello,
> Here's a patch I added against plperl, originally against beta5, now 
> against rc1. It simply checks with GetDatabaseEncoding() if the current 
> database is in UTF-8, and if so, sets the UTF-8 flag on the arguments 
> that are passed to perl. This means that it isn't necessary to 
> utf8::upgrade() every string, as perl has no way of knowing offhand 
> that a string is UTF-8 -- but postgres does, because the database 
> encoding is specified, so it makes sense to turn the flag on. You 
> should also be able to properly manipulate UTF-8 strings now from 
> plperl as opposed to plperlu, because otherwise you'd have to use 
> encoding 'utf8' which was not allowed. It could also eliminate some 
> unexpected bugs if you assume that perl knows the string is unicode. It 
> is enabled only for perl 5.6 and higher, so earlier versions will not 
> be affected.
> I have been assured by crab that the patch is quite harmless and will 
> not break anything. It would be great to see it in 8 final! :-)
> Regards,
> Dave

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