Bruce Momjian wrote:

Wow, yea, that is long.  Not sure where that should go.

hmmm, yep - I could shorten it by removing :
- the COPY, ANALYZE (and maybe some of the INDEX) statements
- the queries and EXPLAINS at the end

However, this means that it is not clear what the point of the exercise
is (or how to use the summary table at all for that matter).

I guess the issue is that I am doing a mini introduction to data
warehousing in the example, which makes it long (time passes while
thinks about options....):

1) Write a (slightly) less mini introduction into data warehousing as a
section/chapter in its own right, and include the the summary table +
trigger as an example therein.

2) Perhaps leave the trigger + plpgsql function as a plpgsql example,
and refer to it in the (new) data warehouse section/chapter.


(BTW, These both look like 8.1 doc changes)



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