On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 01:33 +1300, Oliver Jowett wrote:
> Karel Zak wrote:
> > I think each PG command returns some status. For example in libpq it's
> > possible check by PQcmdStatus(). I think JDBC can checks this status (by
> > own PQcmdStatus() implementation) and if PG returns string "CONNECTION-
> > RESETED" it can deallocate internal stuff. This solution doesn't require
> > touch the protocol.
> That could work. It's a bit ugly, though, as currently drivers don't 
> need to parse command status strings (unless they want an insert OID)

I think command status is common and nice feedback for client. I think
it's more simple change something in JDBC than change protocol that is
shared between more tools.

We need some common way how detect on client what's happen on server --
a way that doesn't mean change protocol always when we add some
feature/command to backend. The command status is possible use for this.



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