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   at 09:49 AM, Bruce Momjian <> said:

>Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>> > NOTE - the patch to the makefile is to keep it from constantly
>> > building psql.exe as the target "psql" all by itself is never created
>> > as the output executable on OS/2 and Windows is psql.exe.
>> If this were a problem on Windows, we'd have more problems all over the 
>> place, not only in psql's makefile.  On Cygwin, I know there is no 
>> problem, because of the peculiar way that the system calls map the file 
>> names.  Not sure what native Windows does.

>I tested this on MinGW and didn't have the rebuild problem either.  gmake
>seems to know the .exe is implied.  I wonder if this is an OS/2 gmake

Looks like it could be...

I even added an explicit .SUFFIXES: .exe and it will still build the exe
file when it is present from a make just done.

what a PITA


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