Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Err, I missed this earlier - we had discussed getting rid of all the
>> VC++ & Borland makefiles for 8.1. With Mingw now working they are a
>> little redundant now,

> I am not in favor of removing those makefiles in 8.1 unless they become
> more of a pain.  If people are submitting patches it means they are
> using them so they should be kept.

Is anyone doing so though?

I recall proposing a couple months ago that we kill those makefiles,
but there was at least one objection at the time.

It occurs to me that the availability of the native port might actually
increase rather than decrease the demand for these makefiles --- or at
least the demand for the ability to build libpq that way.  Consider
people who are building database-using apps using MSVC or Borland.

                        regards, tom lane

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