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Tom Lane wrote:
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Tom Lane said:
[ scratches head... ]  Why isn't the #undef in pg_config_manual.h
firing on Cygwin?

But on Cygwin, WIN32 is only defined if windows.h has been included (See
previous discussion - I recall advocating NOT using WIN32 as a marker for
just this reason).

Urgh ... so it's only because windows.h isn't included till later that it works properly.

It's a lot more subtle than that :-( . In most cases we end up including windows.h _only_ if WIN32 is already defined, as it is for us by the compiler on MinGW.

see: and

w.r.t. Cygwin / unix sockets, the test is in port/cygwin.h, and says:


I don't know how old that is.

This is a perfectly good logic.

I'm not sure that we need the code in pg_config_manual.h anymore anyway
--- the configure test should be covering this.  But just before release
is no time to be fooling with such things.


I did add cygwin to the unix_socket=no case in pg_regress, and I'm
inclined to leave it that way because it's really the minimal change
from the script's previous behavior on cygwin.  Do you see a strong
reason for undoing that?

Well, nothing seems broken - see buildfarm. And if it ain't broke .../

Without sockets it's just a bit slower. Otherwise I don't care. It should work on Cygwin with and without. -- Reini Urban

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