Turkish seem to be the first translation to report 100% translation
completion for 8.0 release.  Congratulations for great work! And thanks
to Peter for being patient with us all this time.

> > We can't reproduce it with msgfmt -v. How do you get those errors?
> The scripts that produce these tables do not use the standard gettext
> tools; they use hand-crafted Perl scripts.  In some cases, these catch
> more errors.  In all cases that I have analyzed further, this was
> because %m was not identified as a format specifier by msgfmt.

Could you share these scripts with us? Many update submissions
we made were beacause of these %m errors. 

Also would it be easier to you Peter if we give you login to our CVS
poject (on so that you just run "cvs up" every time
you package a new update and not bother with emails.

Thank you all folks for your efforts.
I will open a bottle of chamgne tonight to celebrate 8.0.

> Peter Eisentraut

Best regards,
Nicolai Tufar

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