On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 15:48 +1100, Neil Conway wrote:
> Attached is a revised patch (no major changes, just grammar cleanup).
> While rewriting some cruft in PL/PgSQL's gram.y, I noticed that we will
> overflow a heap-allocated array if the user specifies more than 1024
> parameters to a refcursor (a demonstration .sql file is also attached).
> I think this is probably worth backpatching to 8.0 (and earlier?) --
> I've attached a quick hack of a patch that fixes the issue, although of
> course the fix for 8.1 is nicer.

I've applied the minimal fix for the buffer overrun to REL7_4_STABLE and
REL8_0_STABLE (let me know if you think it's worth backpatching

I'll post a revised patch for HEAD that does the falloc() stuff soon.


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