Dave Page wrote:
Theis patch supercedes *all* my earlier ones from today - apologies for
the noise, clearly I need a beer or 3 and a few nights away from the

@@ -1166,7 +1166,9 @@ exit(0); #ifdef WIN32 case 'E': - args->service_dependencies = optarg; + ZeroMemory(deps, sizeof(deps)); + snprintf(deps, sizeof(deps) - 2, "%s", optarg); + args->service_dependencies = (char *)deps; break; case 'I': args->install_as_service++;

After googling around I can see what this code is intended to do; in the future a comment might be nice. Also, why not strncpy()?

Barring any objections I'll apply this patch to REL8_0_STABLE and HEAD on Monday.


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