Alvaro wrote:
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right. heh. Well, moving on...

tgl wrote:
> Since subids and offnums are only 16 bits, we could pack all of these
> cases into 64 bits with a 16-bit type identifier to distinguish the
> cases.  That would mean that LOCKTAG doesn't get any bigger than it is
> now, and we'd have plenty of room for expansion still with more types.

Ok, this makes perfect sense, kind of what I was saying only better.  

The only thing I can add to it at this point is to reorganize the lock
view(s) correspondingly...should be 1 view for each specific lock type
plus 1 generic one for all locks.   A new datum for the generic lock
type (plus some casts) might be worth considering.

Is it possible for one backend (with superuser privs) to release a lock
held by anotether?


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