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> Sent: 24 January 2005 23:58
> To: Dave Page
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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] pg_autovacuum Win32 Service startup delay 
> "Dave Page" <dpage@vale-housing.co.uk> writes:
> > When starting as a service at boot time on Windows, 
> pg_autovacuum may
> > fail to start because the PostgreSQL service is still 
> starting up. This
> > patch causes the service to attempt a second connection 30 
> seconds after
> > the initial connection failure before giving up entirely.
> Hm.  In event that the system crashed beforehand, it could 
> require much
> more than 30 seconds to finish replaying the old WAL log.  So 
> the above
> doesn't seem super robust to me.  Would it be reasonable to 
> try every 30
> seconds for five minutes, or some such?  (Five minutes at least has a
> defensible rationale, ie it's the default checkpoint interval and we
> expect we can replay the log at least as fast as it was created
> initially.)

OK, revised patch attached. This version tries every 30 seconds for 5
minutes then gives up.

Regards, Dave.

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