Tom Lane wrote:

The internals section would be a good compromise. ISTM that in the context of the "performance tips" chapter, all that people really want to know is that the planner uses the pg_statistic entries to estimate numbers of matching rows --- just how it goes about it is irrelevant detail at that point.

Yeah, it clearly is internals, now that you mention it .. :-)

The whole 'it can get out of date' thing worries me a bit - however I guess everything in the internals section is a bit vulnerable to that (another reason for internals being the place to put it).

Having said that, if it seems that this is really too much like reading the code to be in the docs at all, then another option is for it to go to one of the community sites (like varlena), where it could be (reformatted) and clearly marked as relevant for 7.x and 8.0 only.

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