Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > It also adds some missing gettext usage, particularly in src/port and
> > interfaces/ecpg.
> ecpg has no translation support, so that would be pretty pointless.

Well, gettext is coming into ecpglib via a symlink to port/exec.c:

        ./ecpglib/exec.c:               log_error(gettext("could not identify 
current directory: %s"),

Seems we should enable internationalization for ecpg, at least for the
--help strings and stuff.

Peter says that the gettext() doesn't do anything if it isn't
initialized so I guess exec.c is OK.  Does someone want to set up the
proper gettext initialization for ecpg so we can have this for 8.1? 
ecpglib needs special library initialization like libpq.

> > I found that perl also defines _(x) so I undefined this in plperl.
> That kind of thing was the reason that it wasn't defined globally.

Yea.  I have Perl handled.  I think we should just do with the _(x) and
if we find problems we can change them to _e(x) or something.

> > Also, what is gettext_noop(x) used for?
> It marks strings for translation for the purpose of xgettext but does 
> not call gettext because it would not be valid program code at that 
> place.

OK I have added a comment to explain this:
         *  These strings are to be translation via xgettext.  We can't
         *  call gettext() because it is located in variable initialization and
         *  a function call can not be used.
        #define gettext_noop


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