"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> what on earth is going on?

The particular posts you're noticing are just Bruce's script that acks
messages he's saved into his pending-patches lists:
pgpatches is meant as the current-cycle TODO queue, pgpatches2 as the
next-cycle queue.

I'm not sure why he hasn't folded the latter into the former, because
8.0 isn't the development tip anymore.  But anyway, those lists exist
only to make sure that proposed patches don't fall through the cracks
--- they aren't meant as hard promises that something will be applied
in a particular development cycle.

The big picture at the moment is what Bruce mentioned earlier today:
core is currently thinking that we should do a quick and dirty ARC-
to-2Q change to eliminate the ARC patent problem in the 8.0.* branch,
and go forward with a normal development cycle for 8.1.  The whole
LRU/ARC/2Q approach is looking like it's a dead end in the long run
because of locking considerations, so we're thinking we shouldn't do
any more with it than is needed to ensure we can ship a stable,
patent-free algorithm in 8.0.*.

                        regards, tom lane

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