Magnus Hagander wrote:

There is special code in the send_message_to_server_log

function to make

sure it's written directly to the file.

If the logger is complaining, it's quite possibly because it's unable to
write to its file. Now that you mention it, doesn't this code go into
infinite recursion if write_syslogger_file_binary() tries to ereport?

Yes, apparently.

Actually, elog.c code should look like this:

if ((Log_destination & LOG_DESTINATION_STDERR) ...)
   if (am_syslogger)
      write_syslogger_file(, buf.len);
      fwrite(, 1, buf.len, stderr);

This avoids unnecessary pipe traffic (which might fail too) and gettext translation.

Next, the elog call in write_syslogger_file_binary will almost certainly loop, so it should call write_stderr then (since eventlog is usually fixed-size with cyclic writing, even in out-of-disk-space conditions something might get logged).

3rd, I've been proposing to have redirect_stderr=true on by default at least on win32 earlier, I still think this is reasonable.


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