Patch applied.  Thanks.

I renamed aggregate_relation_size() to total_relation_size().  To me
'aggregate' was too closely associated with 'aggregates'.  If you have
improved wording please let me know.


Ed L. wrote:
> On Thursday February 3 2005 9:23, Ed L. wrote:
> > Neil, do you have a verdict on this patch?
> >
> > On Friday January 28 2005 10:30, Ed L. wrote:
> > > If the C code for the prior dbsize patch is not acceptable
> > > for whatever reason, here's a SQL-based patch to replace it.
> I submitted a dbsize patch on Jan 25, revised it twice per 
> concerns raised by Michael Paesold and Neil Conway ("indexes" 
> instead of "indices") and Andreas Pflug and Tom Lane (implement 
> in SQL instead of C) and resubmitted Jan 28.  I've not received 
> any further communication regarding the patch.  Please advise if 
> there are concerns.  I've attached the patch again, slightly 
> cleaned up, in case it has fallen through the cracks.
> Ed

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