Attached patch gets rid of the global timezone in the following steps:

* Changes the APIs to the timezone functions to take a pg_tz pointer as
an argument, representing the timezone to use for the selected

* Adds a global_timezone variable that represents the current timezone
in the backend as set by SET TIMEZONE (or guc, or env, etc).

* Implements a hash-table cache of loaded tables, so we don't have to
read and parse the TZ file everytime we change a timezone. While not
necesasry now (we don't change timezones very often), I beleive this
will be necessary (or at least good) when "multiple timezones in the
same query" is eventually implemented. And code-wise, this was the time
to do it.

There are no user-visible changes at this time. Implementing the
"multiple zones in one query" is a later step...

This also gets rid of some of the cruft needed to "back out a timezone
change", since we previously couldn't check a timezone unless it was
activated first.

Passes regression tests on win32, linux (slackware 10) and solaris x86.


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