Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 2. M?rz 2005 16:50 schrieb Bruce Momjian:
> > Right.  It is Unix that has the problem.  It seems we are supplying a
> > special snprintf() only so gettext() in libintl will use ours instead of
> > the operating system's.  Isn't there a way to target just that library
> > for our replacement snprintf()?  Our code itself doesn't need the
> > positional parameters.
> No, it's exactly our code that needs the snprintf().  libintl does not need 
> it.

OK, I figured that out later.  gettext() gets the string, but we are the
ones to match the string to the args.

> > Could we read the snprintf translation string and process positional
> > parameters _before_ we sent it to gettext()?
> That would defeat the entire point of this exercise.  Then translators would 
> have to translate each possible substitution separately and we wouldn't need 
> positional parameters at all.


Should we consider using a macro for snprintf/vsnprintf/printf in our
code and map those to pg_* names so we don't let those symbols out of
our code?  The big problem is that client apps like psql need the
port/snprintf functions we have.

We actually have libpgport on the link line for clients so it is really
only libpq exporting it that is a problem.  If we could prevent that we
would be fine.

I think we got away with replacing system functions in the past because
we were replacing either broken or missing functions.  In this case,
snprintf has a variety of format flags, some OS-specific, and the
functionality we are adding is not critical in most applications.

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