Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:

* You have not yet implemented a way to savely put \reseterror
in .psqlrc. I previously suggested an AUTO setting (additional
to ON/OFF) that disables \reseterror when reading from a non-tty.
So putting \reseterror AUTO in ..psqlrc would be save.

Hmm...I suppose we could do that. Do we have anything else that does something similar? I guess I'm not convinced that we need to change a switch's behavior based on the tty status.

I do think so. In it's current state, would you yourself put \reseterror in your .psqlrc? Or even an /etc/psqlrc?
It would break all my scripts that must either succeed or fail -- now they will produce garbage in my databases when something goes wrong! In my opinion, the behaviour should depend on tty in all settings, but I am o.k. with an AUTO setting, because so it's at least usable.

I think without tty-detection, the patch just conflicts with PostgreSQL philosophy that the user should be kept save from unintended data-destruction.

The SQL-Standard itself says that errors inside transactions should only rollback the last statement, if possible. So why is that not implemented in PostgreSQL? What I read from past discussions here, is because it's just unsave and will lead to data-garbage if you aren't very careful.

* If I read the code correctly, you now don't destroy user savepoints
anymore, but on the other hand, you do not release the psql savepoint after
a user-defined savepoint is released. In other words, each time a user
creates a savepoint, one psql savepoint is left on the subxact stack. I
don't know if this is a real problem, though.

Correct. More detail: we release our own temporary savepoint, unless the user has successfully implemented their own savepoint...

The current way is ok for me at the moment. I still think there is a better way (parsing statements like it's already done for no-transaction-allowed-statements), but hey, as soon as your patch will be applied, I can myself propose another patch to improve this. ;-)

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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