Ron Mayer wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > 
> > You didn't like server_min_messages = 'notify'?
> I merely don't have a feeling for how much additional stuff
> verbose would be putting in the log files.

You will probably see the creation of indexes and sequences, like this:
        test=> create table test(x int primary key);
        NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
        "test_pkey" for table "test"

> If it's a good practice for production systems to be logging
> NOTIFY's I'm happy with the change.

Not really.  The FSM message has a lot more interest than the other
NOTIFY messages.

> My reasoning why I thought the log file was more useful was
> that only an admin with access to the log files could really
> do anything about the message anyway.

The log file is useful, but I think showing the VACUUM user is _more_
useful than the log file.

> Also since the message happing occasionally is probably OK,
> yet if it happens a lot it's more likely worth looking
> into - I think the historical record of when it happened
> is more interesting than a one-time occurrence which is
> all you seen in the active session.

Seems it could be made to be both client and log, but I can't think of
any case were we do that now, and am unsure it is a good idea to add it
just for this.

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