Attached patch makes kerberos work on the client-side on win32. This
makes it possible to use postgresql on linux in an active directory
kerberos environment, with windows clients (with the MIT kerberos for
win32 kit installed).
I have not yet tested the server side of things, so I expect it not to
work fully yet. Hopefully that can also be fixed, but client was my main
concern right now.

I have one uncertainty about the patch. From comments in the code, it
seems to me that we always run with the socket in non-blocking mode. The
kerberos code previously had code to restore blocking mode after it ran,
and I've replaced that with code that always puts it in non-blocking
mode. It certainly works for my tests, but it wuold be good if someone
could confirm that is the case. If not, it'll have to be extended to do
this saving again.

Comments? Is there any chance of getting this in as a bugfix for 8.0.2,
considering it's a fairly small patch?


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