On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 01:00:21 -0500 (EST), Bruce Momjian
<pgman@candle.pha.pa.us> wrote:
> I have applied a modified version of your patch, attached.

I am so sorry, I sent untested patch again.  Thank you very
much for patience in fixing it. The patch looks perfectly
fine and works under Solaris. 

Under win32 I am still struggling with build environment.
In many directories link fails with "undefined reference to
`pg_snprintf'" in other it fails with  "undefined reference to
`_imp__libintl_sprintf'". In yet another directory it fails with
both, like in src/interfaces/ecpg/pgtypeslib:

dlltool --export-all  --output-def pgtypes.def numeric.o datetime.o
common.o dt_common.o timestamp.o interval.o pgstrcasecmp.o
dllwrap  -o libpgtypes.dll --dllname libpgtypes.dll  --def pgtypes.def
numeric.o datetime.o common.o dt_common.o timestamp.o interval.o
pgstrcasecmp.o  -L../../../../src/port -lm
numeric.o(.text+0x19ea):numeric.c: undefined reference to
datetime.o(.text+0x476):datetime.c: undefined reference to `pg_snprintf'
common.o(.text+0x1cd):common.c: undefined reference to `pg_snprintf'
common.o(.text+0x251):common.c: undefined reference to `pg_snprintf'
dt_common.o(.text+0x538):dt_common.c: undefined reference to
dt_common.o(.text+0x553):dt_common.c: undefined reference to
dt_common.o(.text+0x597):dt_common.c: undefined reference to
dt_common.o(.text+0x5d5):dt_common.c: undefined reference to
dt_common.o(.text+0x628):dt_common.c: undefined reference to
dt_common.o(.text+0x7e8):dt_common.c: more undefined references to
`_imp__libintl_sprintf' follow
c:\MinGW\bin\dllwrap.exe: c:\MinGW\bin\gcc exited with status 1
make: *** [libpgtypes.a] Error 1

Could someone with a better grasp of configure and 
win32 environment check it? Aparently no one regularily 
compiles source code under win32 during development cycle
these days.

Best regards,

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