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I have updated this patch to the current CVS HEAD.  If somebody would be
so kind to review this for applying at his earliest convenience, I'd
appreciate it.

Previous description below:

> Here is the latest installation of my shared dependency patch.
> As some of you may remember, the purpose of this patch is to record
> dependencies on shared objects, such as users, groups and tablespaces,
> from regular database objects.  This is done on a new shared system
> catalog called pg_shdepend, so that when a backend wants to drop any
> shared object, it can easily verify whether it is referenced in other
> database.
> I have upgraded the patch to include references present in ACLs, and to
> lock the objects appropiately before checking.  To do this I had to
> change the LOCKTAG struct somewhat, using a previous patch by Rod Taylor
> (thanks Rod!); and add a LockSharedObject() function.

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