Hi Neil,

> Looking at how to implement this, there is some rather dodgy code in 
> warnAutoRange() in parse_relation.c that only emits the notice about 
> adding a missing FROM clause entry if the query already has at least
> one 
> range table entry in its FROM clause. The idea appears to be to not 
> issue warnings about queries like "SELECT foo.*;", but it also means
> we 
> don't end up warning about DELETE and UPDATE.
> I think the right fix is to remove the "inFromCl" check, and always 
> issue a notice. With add_missing_from=true, all these queries are 
> rejected anyway, so I think it makes sense to warn about all of them 
> when add_missing_from is disabled. Objections?
No. That's why I'm thinking now while looking at the code :) Could you
provide a patch?

Euler Taveira de Oliveira

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