Hello All,

Where can I find patch for SQLERRM/SQLSTATE variable implementation?.

I am using Postgres 8.0.1.

Its very urgent.... because I have an assignment of Porting Oracle's PL?SQL
into PL/pgSQL.

Dinesh Pandey

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Guys, is this patch ready for application?  I think so, but am not 100%


Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello,
> I changed code by your and Neil's notes. The name SQLCODE isn't well,
> better is SQLSTATE. It's very similar DB2 variable. I am not sure, so my 
> solutions is best. Propably not. It's only particular solution for 
> plpgsql. The files plpgsql.sql and plpgsql.out are diffs for regression 
> tests.
>  This patch is implementation of variables SQLERRM and SQLSTATE for
>  language. Variable SQLSTATE contains five chars PostgreSQL Error Code, 
>  SQLERRM contains relevant message last catched exception. All variables 
>  are attached to plpgsql_block and have local scope. Default values are 
>  '00000' for SQLSTATE and 'Sucessful completion' for SQLERRM.  
> Regards
> Pavel Stehule


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