On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Tom Lane wrote:

> Bruce Momjian <pgman@candle.pha.pa.us> writes:
> > Guys, is this patch ready for application?  I think so, but am not 100%
> > sure.
> I haven't read the code yet, but in any case I still object to choosing
> Oracle-like names for Oracle-incompatible functionality.  We need to
> settle on better names.

I changed names on SQLSTATE and SQLERRM. The behave our SQLSTATE and db2 
SQLSTATE is very similar. But Oracle support SQLSTATE too (in ANSI mode). 
Only Oracle support SQLERRM.


SQLSTATE, a 5-character return value specified by the SQL standard,
replaced SQLCODE years ago (SQL-92?). Perhaps both Oracle and DB2/2
have support for it.

But I didn't find good informations about error trapping in ANSI SQL. All 
informations are about Oracle or DB2 :-(.

Best Regards
Pavel Stehule

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