Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> Should the "memory used" line be a hint?

Well, the main message should fit on one line, and the rest is either
hint or detail.  In this case detail since it's all facts, not advice.
Could look like this:

INFO: free space map contains N1 pages in N2 relations
DETAIL: A total of N3 FSM page slots are in use.
A total of N4 FSM page slots are required to track all free space.
Current FSM parameters are max_fsm_pages = N5, max_fsm_relations = N6,
resulting in total memory usage of N7 kB.

(where N3 is the number including overhead, and N4 is the "requested"

You could fix it so that hints were conditionally added like

HINT: max_fsm_pages is too small, consider raising it to at least N4.

but since you seem to want to treat that as a WARNING, it'd probably
be redundant to make a HINT for it.

                        regards, tom lane

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