On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Bruce Momjian wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:
I think though that we ought to first consider the question of whether
we *want* this functionality.  On reflection I'm fairly nervous about
the idea of actually deleting anything during startup --- seems like a
good recipe for turning small failures into large failures.  But if
we're not going to delete anything then it's questionable whether we
need to code it like this at all.  It'd certainly be easier and safer to
examine these tables after the system is up and running normally.

Let's discuss this. The patch as submitted checks for unreferenced files on bootup and reports them in the log file, but does not delete them. That seems like the proper behavior. I think we delete from pgsql_tmp on bootup, but we _know_ those aren't referenced.

What other user interface would trigger this if we did it after startup?
Wouldn't we have to lock pg_class against VACUUM while we scan the file
system, and are we sure we do things in pg_class or the file system
first consistently?  It seems much more prone to error doing it while
the system is running.

I agree.

Also, you can only have stale files after a backend crash, since they are normally cleaned up at the end of transaction. If it was a separate program or command, the administrator would have to be aware of the issue. Otherwise, he wouldn't know he needs to run it after a crash.

I feel that crashes that leaves behind stale files are rare. You would need an application that creates/drops tables as part of normal operation. Some kind of a large batch load might do that: BEGIN, CREATE TABLE foo, COPY 1 GB of data, COMMIT.

The nasty thing right now is, you might end up with 1 GB of wasted disk space, and never even know it.

I guess I am happy with just reporting during startup like the patch
does now.

Ok. I'll fix the design issues Tom addressed earlier, add documentation, and resubmit.

We can come back to this after a release or two, when we have more confidence in the feature. Maybe we'll also get some feedback on how often those stale files occur in practice.

- Heikki

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