Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >>> \begin_ignore_error
> >>> DROP TABLE foo;
> >>> \end_ignore_error
> > I meant it's a lot to type ;-)
> Well, that's just a matter of choosing good (ie short) names for the
> backslash commands.  I was trying to be clear rather than proposing
> names I would actually want to use ;-).  Any suggestions?

Well, if we allowed ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK to work in non-interactive
sessions we could just do:

        \set ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK on
        DROP TABLE foo;
        \set ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK off

No new syntax required.  Seems this variable is going to need an
'interactive' setting, which means it isn't boolean anymore.

Also, should we allow 'true/false' to work with these seetings?  We do
that with boolean columns in SQL.

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