Hideyuki Kawashima <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> While coding, I was surprised that 
> magic number 8192 (which is defined as PQ_BUFFER_SIZE in 
> backend/libpq/pqcomm.c) are written into the code 
> in interfaces/libpq/fe-misc.

AFAICS the uses of 8192 in fe-misc.c have no relationship to
PQ_BUFFER_SIZE or indeed much of anything.  They are just arbitrary
amounts by which to increase the I/O buffer size.

Of course they are not *completely* arbitrary --- they are essentially
guesses about the buffering behavior of the kernel and TCP stack.
But they have nothing to do with the server-side PQ_BUFFER_SIZE.

> The result is attached to this mail.

In future please submit proposed changes as "diff -c" patches.
A complete file is useless because it cannot be applied without
risking overwriting other people's changes.

                        regards, tom lane

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