Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> - Is the backend startup time sensitive information? Considering this 
> information is available via ps(1), perhaps it would be better to allow 
> any user to see any backend's startup time, rather than providing a 
> false sense of security.

Remote database users don't have access to ps(1).  I think that hiding
the startup time is reasonable.

> - We return (NULL, -1) for the client address/port if connected via a 
> unix domain socket, and (NULL, NULL) for the address/port if the 
> selecting user isn't a superuser / the owner of that client connection. 
> It seems a little ugly to return NULL for the address in both cases, 
> since the same value is used for two completely different meanings. Not 
> sure of a better convention, though -- just idly complaining :)

Perhaps or some such for the address in the unix domain case?
Not sure that this is an improvement over NULL though.

Other comments seem on-target to me.

                        regards, tom lane

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