Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>It's come up a few times ... more than an un-overridable read-only mode
>>anyway.  Also, I should think that those who want a secure read-only
>>mode want it enforced selectively --- for instance, assuredly read-only
>>for some users but not others.  I can hardly see any use case for the
>>patch as proposed; it seems to have all the disadvantages of a low-level
>>read-only mode (eg, not selective) without any of the advantages.

Our company has some PostgreSQL replication systems
for our customers. I need to switch the database state between
read-only and writable for recovering or maintenance.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to the read-only database mode.
It is the per-database state.

However, if it is not provided, we have to find alternative way
to get our purpose.

So I'm still looking for how to make the (user) database as read-only.

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