Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

! #ifndef WIN32
!               sleep(sleep_secs);                      /* Unix sleep is 
seconds */
! #else
!               sleep(sleep_secs * 1000);       /* Win32 sleep() is 
milliseconds */

Shouldn't the be Sleep with a capital S? see

I was wondering about that, so I compiled it with MinGW and sleep() worked fine, so I stuck with that. In fact, I just tried Sleep() and that didn't work. It said:

        C:/DOCUME~1/BRUCEM~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/ccMLbaaa.o(.text+0x27):x.c: undefined
        reference to `Sleep'

Maybe if I added some includes it would work, but sleep() seemed safest.

Strange ... as long as you #include <windows.h> it should be fine, and pg_autovacuum.c already does include it.

Anyway, whatever works, I guess.



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