Neil Conway wrote:
This is an updated version of the GiST patch I posted a few months ago.

Attached is a revised version. This update fixes some newly-added bugs in mark and restore (I forgot to save and restore the current buffer), and replaces two ReleaseBuffer() + ReadBuffer() pairs with ReleaseAndReadBuffer(). (Is this still worth doing? It seems it no longer saves a lock acquire/release, but perhaps it will again be a win in some future version of the bufmgr...)

BTW, this idiom occurs a few times:

    if (BufferIsValid(buf))
        buf = InvalidBuffer;

it would be nice to make this more concise. Perhaps:


although that doesn't make the modification of `buf' obvious. An alternative would be to have ReleaseBuffer() always return InvalidBuffer, so:

    if (BufferIsValid(buf))
        buf = ReleaseBuffer(buf);

Any thoughts on this? (I'm inclined to prefer InvalidateBuffer().)


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