>       I asked the list to update the webite and add link for farsi
>       I dont know why web site maintainer has not fixed it.
>       Is it necessary to update farsi FAQ for new version of
postgresql so that it can be added in web site?

I responded to this on 2005-05-11:

The Farsi FAQ is only available in Microsoft format (very very badly
mangled HTML caused by MS Office). It is not available as HTML, which is
why it isn't available on the website.

The FAQ has to be clean HTML to be accessible from the webpage. The
script will convert most of the normal HTMLisms into the required XHTML.
But with the horrible mess that is produced by MS Office it's completely
impossible to do.

Solution: If the HTML is cleaned up enough to make it look like the
other FAQs, we can easily add it.


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